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All About SOD 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO INSTALL?  One man can install 500 sq. ft. of OLD RIVER SOD per hour. Less time is required for large, flat areas and more time is required for areas where the sod must be carried long distances. Please refer to our How to Install Sod page

WHAT TYPE OF FERTILIZER SHOULD I USE ON MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  The three primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash) can be applied and worked into the soil prior to planting. This combination added to the nutrients already in the soil will satisfy your OLD RIVER SOD lawn's needs for quite some time except for nitrogen. Fertilizing your OLD RIVER SOD lawn during the growing season is mainly a matter of monthly applications of nitrogen.

HOW MUCH FERTILIZER DO I USE ON MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  One pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet per month during the growing season will maintain good growth and color. The percentage of nitrogen varies with different brands of fertilizer. Therefore, the quantity of fertilizer required to supply one pound of nitrogen per month will also vary. Examine the fertilizer label to determine the percentage of nitrogen, then calculate the amount of fertilizer necessary to obtain one pound of nitrogen. Divide 100 by the percentage of nitrogen on the label, this equals the pounds of fertilizer needed per 1000 sq. ft. (Example: 100 divided by 20% (.20) = 5 lbs. of fertilizer required per 1000 sq. ft.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO WATER MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  Water your OLD RIVER SOD lawn whenever it is most convenient for you. Noonday watering is least efficient, but only in the sense that more of the water evaporates before it hits the soil. (There is no truth in the old idea that drops of water on the leaves "act like burning glasses and burn holes in the leaves".)

HOW LONG SHOULD I WATER MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  A thorough irrigation every 2-3 days of one hour or until run-off appears is sufficient in most situations for established lawns. Remember to gauge your watering schedule to the weather. Your goal is to achieve water penetration to a depth of 8" - 12". This will encourage deep rooting and a healthier lawn. Verify the depth of watering by probing soil with a screwdriver or sharp instrument. If the screwdriver enters the soil easily to a depth of 8" - 12" you have achieved proper moisture penetration.

Please see How to Care for Tifgreen Bermuda, Triathalawn Tall Fescue, El Toro Zoysia, or Evershade St. Augustine for more information.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I MOW MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  Tifgreen should be mowed at 1/4 to 1/2 every 5-7 days in the growing season. This will prevent a rapid thatch build up and provide a putting green appearance. A sharp, power reel mower provides the best results. Hand mowers and rotary mowers usually cannot be adjusted to the recommended heights.
Triathalawn Tall Fescue needs to be at 1-1/2 to 3 inches depending on the weather.

Please see How to Care for Tifgreen Bermuda, Triathalawn Tall Fescue, El Toro Zoysia, or Evershade St. Augustine for more information.

HOW DOES OLD RIVER SOD TIFGREEN STAND UP TO DISEASE, INSECTS, AND WEEDS?  OLD RIVER SOD Tifgreen has a natural resistance to disease, insects, and weed infiltrations. However, the easiest way to avoid possible problems is to properly maintain your lawn. If you fertilize, mow, and water your OLD RIVER SOD Tifgreen correctly, it is very unlikely that you will encounter problems.

MUST I OVER-SEED MY OLD RIVER SOD TIFGREEN LAWN IN THE WINTER TO HAVE A GREEN LAWN?  NO! Winter color can be restored by the application of green turf dye. Applied easily with a Hudson-type sprayer, turf dye will not wash off, stain clothing or shoes, but does provide a green lawn until warm spring temperatures cause the grass to begin growing again. Turf dye saves time and money by providing a virtually carefree, green winter lawn. (No winter mowing necessary!)

HOW DO I FIGURE THE QUANTITY OF OLD RIVER SOD I WILL NEED?  Measure the area to be sodded in the nearest whole number of feet. Multiply the number of feet of length, times the number of feet of width. The product of this calculation will give you the total number of square feet to order. (EXAMPLE: 10 ft. x 50 ft.= 500 sq. ft.--order this amount) When using OLD RIVER SOD stolons (starter sprigs), one cubic foot box plants an area of 200 sq. ft. Please refer to our How to Measure page for more help.

HOW AND WHEN DO I ORDER MY OLD RIVER SOD LAWN?  Call or visit OLD RIVER SOD farm to schedule your lawn delivery or pick-up. Arrangements must be made in advance to allow enough time for your sod to be freshly cut. OLD RIVER SOD Tifgreen should be installed within 48 hours from harvest and sooner if the weather is averaging above 90°. Sod left too long on the pallet will turn yellow, but normally recovers in a few days after installation. As a guideline, schedule your delivery for the day you plan to start laying your sod. Check How to Order for more infomation.

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